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    Jin karai


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    Jin karai

    Post by Seshomaru Ankonku on Fri Feb 19, 2016 6:34 am

    Name: Jin Karai

    Alignment: Gotei 13
    Squad: 11th Division
    Rank: 13th Seated

    Age of Death:17
    Real Age/Age of Appearance:  
    Real Age-350
    Age of Appearance- Teens

    Birthday (Month/Day): September 8th

    Blood Type: O+
    Height: 6" 4

    Jin is a simple kid, when he was still living he was normal, average grades, average friends, an average life. He never wanted anything he couldn't have nor did he treat others inferior for having less then he. Now as a shinigami that can remember bits and pieces of his average life he is striving to be the best that he can even if that means discarding his past to awaken the true warrior within him.

    Habits: stays silent and obeys orders, hasn't had the time to develop a good habit.

    Racial Abilities: Or Kido Techniques Not Kido compatible

    Detailed Abilities:
    Intelligence -  within the acadamy he tried to learn kido but non of the spells came out correctly which to the instructors ment he was just not ment for kido training. Thus they had him study different known types of hollows and different scenarios which allowed him to mimic many strategies within their acadamy exams.

    Physical Strength, Endurance, and Willpower - not being able to use kido Jin was free to put his entire devotion to physical confrontation, he was the third best in swordsmanship within the acadamy until during one practice match against an instructor he accidently achieved shikai with the training swords. Thus his scythe came to be, he practiced days on end until he mastered his own form of fighting.

    Physical Speed and Reflexes - the speed of his body is about average to the low seats of any squad yet his strength can match those of the seats numbering 7-5. He has not shown his full ability because he didn't want negative attention. During his training within the acadamy he dragged multiple students (sometimes against their will) to inflict as much damage as possible so he could take hits better as a shinigami. Unknownly he increased his skin resistance to where the training swords that the acadamy used could no longer cut him.

    Reiatsu and Reiryoku levels - his reiatsu levels are average while his Reiryoku levels are above average. During his self training by taking beatings from other students it increases drastically. Though he wasn't aware of it.

    Swordmenship and Racial Ability Skills - fighting with his scythe he claims to have mastered it. Above average kenjutsu.

    Zanpakuto Name: rīpā ( scythe)

    Zanpakuto Type: melee

    Zanpakutou Spirit Appearance:

    Inner World(Optional):

    Zanpakutou Appearances: In shikai it's it's a simple katana with a purple hilt.

    Zanapkutou Release Names:"Jūryoku rīpā" (Hold)(Shikai)

    Shikai Abilities: every time the scythe blade hits an inanimate object (example :another Zanpaktou) it increases its weight by a multiple of 3 per strike. If the hilt hits a target it has the opposite effect.

    Bankai Abilities:(Three is the limit)

    Birthplace: East Rukon District (as a shinigami ) Tokyo (as a human)

    Current Residence:(Seritei )

    Memorable Figures:none

    History:jin only remember bits and pieces of his human life. He remembers he was just an average person. As a shinigami he decided to work as hard as he could graduating at one of the top spot within his class along with being the only cadet to unlock shikai within the acadamy. Now assigned to squad 11 he is eager to find out what his destiny holds for him.

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